Dance of the elements

The origin of species


Virus I

Virus II

The quest for the Higgs boson

Portrait of an unborn child.

Impression of the subatomic scale of matter.

Impression of the genome.

The workhorse in our body are the enzymes. 

Expression of the hypothesis that influensa originates from space.

Impression of the Hepatitis-B virus.

Deep beneath the suface by Lake Geneva in a 27 km ring, man aspires to find the elementary particle that will complete the Standar Model; the Higgs boson.
This miniscule but energy rich particle provides mass to all other particles in the Standard Model and thus to the entire universe.

Obviously this is only a intermediate stage as far beyond the Higgs boson, the Planck barrier hints; the end of our current imagination.

Acrylic, yarn, pearls and cadmium shot on cotton
80x100 cm2
Acrylic on plywood
60x120 cm2
Acrylic on plywood
60x120 cm2
Acrylic and copper foil on plywood
120x120 cm2
Acrylic, yarn and beads on plywood
60x40 cm2
Acrylic and oil on plywood
60x120 cm2
Acrylic and aluminum foil on plywood
120x120 cm2
Original with pine brim Original with pine brim